I was lucky enough to be working for the TV show "The amazing world of Gumball", with a crew of crazy talented people, no time for being lazy.
    The background department is a mix of matte painting, 2D for the graphic elements and 3D.
    Here are the very first BG made more than a year ago.

    Put your mouse over the pictures to see the BEFORE / AFTER

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    1. really awesome!

    2. Ah, je savais pas que tu faisais du décor ! C'est canon \o/

    3. Ça fait trop plaisir de voir ton taff mec! Et merci pour le coté interactif! Ça pète!

    4. Anonyme a dit… 5/20/2013

      You have done a great job being a matte painter for this show, but what's up with those "NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION" watermarks on the backgrounds?