Me revoila avec quelques news.

    On a cree un blog pour notre duo de real avec Celine.
    On va tenter de remplir ca du mieux qu'on peut.

    Nous sommes sur le site de Passion Pictures Londre dans la categories One To Watch.
    Sinon, nous serons au festival Pictoplasma a Berlin le week end du 10 avril.
    Notre court metrage La chaussetteologie y sera projete.

    Voici le dernier clip Style de Gorillaz, on a travaille dessus, ca fait plaisir que tout ca soit fini.
    Quel bandana...!!

    Et le clip pour Sebastien Tellier est ENFIN sorti.
    J'ai travailler sur la transition combinaison en squelette, ainsi que la disparation finale en boolean.

    Long time no see, so here are some fresh news.
    Here is a blog for our duo with Celine as directors:
    We'll try to feed this site as much as we can.

    We're now on the One To Watch on the website of Passion Pictures London.
    One other good new, we'll also be at Pictoplasma Festival at Berlin on 9-10 April, with our short movie La chaussettologie.

    We recently finished our work on the Gorillaz Stylo Video clip, love that bandana, love midnight. Here is the trailer:
    And there is also a video for Sebastien Tellier on which I worked.
    I focus on the transition between the leather suit and the skeleton, and when the body disapear at the end.

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